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Our babies are very special to us. 

We take pride in every precious baby we are able to take part in delivery of; We realize these moments are fleeting, wherefore, it is our joy to announce we are offering Photography Services to our patients for Maternity, Delivery and Newborn. To receive your newborn session following delivery, simply text our Photographer, Becky Price, at 386-288-6190. Our Photographer works Tuesday's and Thursday's 9:30-1:30 in the office, where walk-in sessions are available, and is available 24/7 to come to hospital for delivery coverage. Cesarean coverage is available, however, may be "limited" on case by case basis. 

Newborn Sessions shall be done within 2 weeks of delivery; She will come to you at the Hospital-simply text your room number and full name upon delivery-our Photographer will arrive the following morning for your session. Each Session receives a Digital Album for proof purposes and orders may be placed online or in person. 

Our Photographer offers incredible rates for all of her products which range from Prints of all sizes to High Resolution Downloads, to any gift idea you can imagine. There are no upfront fee's for Newborn Sessions, and only a $25.00 deposit for Maternity and $150 deposit for Delivery Coverage (max fee $350.00 and includes all images). 


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